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Birth trauma resolution has enabled me to have a positive reflection on the birth of my son.  This therapy really helped me to process the birth in a safe and relaxed state so that I now feel that my memories are no longer traumatic. During the second session I felt instantly calmer, happier and my mind was clearer.  I was surprised at how quickly I felt this way.  After the third session I was able to distinctly remember meeting my son after waking from surgery as previously this had become a blurred memory.  I now feel confident about any future births and when I think of the hospital, I no longer feel anxious or fear. It is great to be able to talk about my birth and describe it in such a positive light without becoming distressed and I can now remember his birth as an amazing and positive experience.


Following the second session of birth trauma resolution I felt that H was able to talk about the birth in a positive way for the first time.  I think these sessions have been really valuable as they have enabled H to remember things more clearly, without the emotional baggage which had not only blurred the series of events, but also focused her attention on the traumatic elements of the experience.

H (& partner)

The rewind technique has definitely helped me reduce my trauma symptoms. When I first met Belinda I couldn’t think or talk about my birth without crying and feeling like I was right back at the birth.
After three sessions I am able to talk and think about it without getting upset. I did find it difficult to work through one particular part of the birth when I thought my baby had died. However, Belinda worked on that particular part again in my 3rd session. Whilst I still feel tearful when recalling that part of the birth I don’t actually cry and I feel more in control of those feelings.
Belinda was lovely and quickly made me feel at ease. I felt she really understood birth trauma and the wide reaching impact it has on all aspects of life. With this technique being so quick and over such few sessions it is important to be able to build a rapport with someone quickly and Belinda is able to do that.
Belinda’s relaxation works well for me, her voice is very calming. She is also able to explain what is going to happen in easy to understand language.
I am due to have my second child in just under 2 weeks. I feel so much more confident about the birth now and even able to look forward to it! I also feel my relationship with my daughter has improved as my trauma is no longer in the way.
I would definitely recommend this to anyone and I really hope that it is provided by the NHS in the future.


Dear Belinda


I have been really blown away by your support in November with the counselling and this week in hospital. I was feeling pretty desperate and so anxious about the upcoming birth when I got in touch with you. I was having flashbacks while I was driving, crying unexpectedly during the day and having nightmares and relentless pointless angry conversations in my head with the people involved in the births of my girls.


The three sessions with you absolutely helped. The heat went out of the memories very swiftly and the negative memories associated with those births have continued to become distanced from me in the following weeks. Before our first session those images and feelings were increasingly becoming a barrier between me and my day to day life and I was struggling to be present with my daughters in any meaningful way because my mind was fogged with so much anger and fear. It felt like I was wearing dark glasses which dissolved completely during my sessions with you. 


The guided imagery of the broken house did help to to prepare me for my son's birth this week. I certainly felt very optimistic about the birth after that session but when he refused to turn and the possibility of another cesarean grew more likely I was quite worried, although still nothing like the previous levels of anxiety.  I implemented the breathing exercises you taught me to avoid rising panic which worked well and the anxiety remained background noise rather than the all consuming roar I was used to. I also didn't return to compounding my worry over the upcoming birth with memories of the previous ones, this was huge progress which I attribute to our three sessions. 


Having your support on Thursday during the surgery was invaluable and I am so grateful. Despite all the breathing practice I would not have remembered to do the exercises on the day by myself. It was so kind of you to support me and the birth experience was transformative. Everyone really went above and beyond and I am so grateful.


I am sore and tired but happy. The unexpected trip to NICU hasn't become an experience to obsess over, I am just profoundly relieved that me and my son received such professional and timely care.


Thank you again. I really couldn't have done it without you. 


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