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About me

I have been a qualified midwife for more than 15 years. I have worked in various midwifery roles, including several years abroad.

Within my career, I have noticed that there is one area of midwifery that is regularly overlooked: the trauma that occurs to some women and their partners around their pregnancy. This does not only relate to the delivery but it may occur while pregnant or after the baby has been born. This trauma impacts on these women's relationships as well as on their families. It can also interfere with bonding with their babies.

I decided to train accordingly so that I can aid these women to overcome their traumas.

I have undertaken the 'Birth Trauma Resolution' form of treatment. This does not only involve 'rewinding' the trauma but also looks at other areas that the individual may need assistance with.

Though my training, I have seen the remarkable effect this treatment can have on women who have suffered birth trauma. More so, since treatment can be completed in such a short period of time (an average of 3 sessions, a week apart).

Belinda Searle-Papathanasiou

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