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What is Birth Trauma Resolution (BTR) Therapy?

This therapy is designed to offer quick and effective relief from the symptoms of birth trauma and PTSD. It is a solution-focused therapy that allows the practitioner to turn a trauma memory into an ordinary memory with no longer triggering of any negative symptoms.
This treatment works in as few as 2 to 4 treatments, thus allowing the individual to enjoy motherhood (or fatherhood) and family life once again.
As a practitioner, I am trained to treat not only women, but also partners and birth companions, as sometimes those that witness birth can experience extensive trauma as well.

What should you expect from seeing a BTR practitioner?

The therapy will begin with a session where you can discuss the birth experience and what, in your opinion, has resulted in your birth trauma. This allows us to decide where the focus of the therapy should be at this time. This is not set in stone and will alter with each session, if needed. We will discuss breathing techniques to help you relax and enable you to reduce any symptoms of anxiety and panic. We will also develop a personalised guided relaxation download for you to listen to and practice at home.
Following on from this, we will remove the negative emotions attached to your birth experience and allow you to remember your birth without triggering these emotions. It is important to note that we will not only look at the birth but also before and after-birth events. For some people, the trauma may have occurred during the postnatal period.
We will then look at any other areas of your life that may have been affected by the trauma and help to rebuild these areas as well e.g. rebuild confidence in your abilities.

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